Save Our Native Hawaiian Plants

Save Our Native Hawaiian Plants
We feel the need to protect Native Hawaiian plants, because they are one of a kind. Native Hawaiian plants are essential to our islands’ ecosystem, food chains, and history. Native Hawaiian plants are being overtaken by invasive species. If there are no more Native Hawaiian plants, then our whole ecosystem will be unbalanced. This project is important to Sacred Hearts Academy and the community, because it helps the environment. We want to help others to understand how to perpetuate the tradition of caring for Native Hawaiian plants. Outside resources have helped our project by giving us more information on our topic so that we could be well-educated, sensitive, and conscientious stewards of our ‘aina (land). Mentors and experts helped add quality to our project by making it more professional, accurate, and hands-on. This project helped us make learning more meaningful, fun, and memorable. We needed experts, plant experts, field trips, gardening tools, helping hands, all of our knowledge, school buses, books, the computer, pictures, cameras, and adult supervision to comp. After this project, we were able to help educate and inspire others. We are going to use this for the rest of our life. Our project goals were to UNDERSTAND why they are important, to BUILD relationships within the community in an effort to save native Hawaiian plants, to EDUCATE others about how to save them, and to PROMOTE the cause to save them.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cooking With Ivy and Chanel

Ivy and Chanel show you how to make haupia using a few simple ingredients.  Their goal is to educate others on how to use native Hawaiian plants in food.

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